About Counselling

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What is counselling?

Counselling is time for you to examine your life in a space that is safe, confidential and free from the fear of judgement. While I can’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t do – after all the expert on you, is you – I can come with you as you explore your life, help you make sense of it and navigate through the choices you have.

Who goes to counselling?

I believe that every person has their own unique story.  What happens in our lives as our story unfolds shapes who we are, how we see and experience the world and how we feel within it. Only you truly understand how you see the world, no one else sees it quite like you, and in your story you are the main character.

Counselling can be for those who reach a point in their lives where they want to try to understand their story in greater depth and perhaps have more influence over how their story is written, rather than their story directing them. The story may have become dull and uninteresting and they want to add a little more adventure but aren’t quite sure how. Maybe something from the past that happened early in their story is stopping them them from writing the best chapters that they can right now in the present. Counselling can help you look at your story, reconcile with what happened in previous chapters and maybe take more control of the way it’s written now and how it moves into the future.

Why do people go for counselling?

People come for counselling for many reasons.  Some may be struggling with depression or anxiety and want to talk to someone to try to discover ways within themselves to cope.  Others can have experienced distressing or traumatic things in their past that affect who they are and how they feel today, and who want to find a way for things to change.  A relationship or friendship may have ended, there could be problems within the family, work life may be stressful and affecting you at home. Some may perhaps feel stuck, not sure where to go in their lives and be struggling to find meaning. Counselling can help people discover who they are and what to do in their lives.  While the reasons for going to counselling are as varied as the people who come, whatever it may be is always important because after all, your life is your story.